GY36 Wireless Ethernet Gateway


NuWave’s GY36 Ethernet Gateway collects and coordinates all the information from the NuWave Sensor units deployed in the vicinity of the device. The device temporarily buffers the local sensor data before interfacing through existing Ethernet networks for WAN connectivity to NuWave’s centralized cloud server. If the availability of an Ethernet network is limited or restricted, NuWave can supply an optional Ethernet to Cellular converter to allow customers to get their units online regardless of local internal network restrictions.


Compatible Products

  • LumAir
  • TD40 Particle Counter
  • WB55 IAQ Monitor
  • QA15 IAQ Sensor


GY36 Features

Using the product 

The GY36 unit powers on when plugged into the AC/DC adapter supplied with the product. When the device is connected to a DHCP enabled Ethernet port it will connect to the NuWave cloud server automatically. Each unit is preconfigured to operate as the host of a private and secure ZigBee network between the sensor modules and the GY36 gateway. Should the user need to configure the gateway settings, the unit is accessible though on online interface running on a webserver inside the device. This will allow users to change network settings, alter transmission intervals, update the firmware etc.




Range Indoor range up to 30m Outdoor range 100m
Antenna 2.4GH. 3dB Antenna ariel w/ SMA male Height 107mm
Ethernet RJ45 10/100


Temperature range Operating Temperature °C 0 to 85°C
Humidity range % RH continuous, non-condensing 5 to 95%
Enclosure IP rating at proper indoor installation IP30
Weight Enclosure weight excluding adapters 165g
Certification & Compliance

Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter DC 12V /- 10%, 420mA (Supplied)
Gateway Power 55mA @12V
Wireless Outputs ZigBee, 3G/4G (Optional) Gateway (supplied), Dongle 3G/4G (optional)