DP100 Differential Pressure Monitor

NuWave’s DP100 is a differential pressure sensor that monitors
the difference in pressure between two locations. The DP100
features excellent accuracy, long-term stability and has no
zero-point drift.


NuWave’s DP100 sensor is an ideal choice for high volume
and cost-sensitive applications. The DP100 records the
differential pressure and sends the data to a central cloud
based server where it can be accessed in real-time for control,
data viewing and analysis.


Typical Applications
• Manufacturing

• Medical environments

• Food & Beverage processing

• Air ventilation systems

• Smart home systems



Remote Monitoring Software

You can monitor your connected DP100 sensor online and in real time using a NuWave Sensors cloud based ‘HEX’ monitoring account. Set up is quick and easy – connect the data hub to an Ethernet point and your sensor will connect wirelessly and send data online. Once connected, data can be analysed online or downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT systems.


• Remote monitoring, analysis and alerts

• Plug & Play set up

• View detailed graphs to analyse DP levels by day, week and month





Performance (DP-100 Sensor)

Sensing Range Pascals – 125 to 125 Pa
Accuracy Across full range 0.08 Pa
Offset stability Pascals < 0.01 Pa/year
Warm-up time To reach optimal detection performance 5 mins



Temperature range Operating Temperature °C Storage Temperature °C 0 to 50°C

Temperature range

Storage Temperature °C -25 to 50°C
Media compatibility Air, N₂, O₂, non-condensing 5 to 95%
Enclosure IP rating at proper indoor installation IP20
Weight Enclosure weight without adapters 220g


Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter DC 12V /- 10%, 420mA (supplied)

Power Consumption

25mA @ 12V nominal
Wireless Outputs ZigBee 2.4Ghz Gateway